We all know that your wedding day is supposed to be the most important and enjoyable day of your life…but it can also be one of the most stressful. Worrying that guests are happy and kept entertained is often one of the major concerns.

Well, worry not…having Lee at your event will not only provide exceptional entertainment, magic also acts as a perfect ice breaker and bond-maker to guests from all walks of life who may not be so familiar with one another.

Lee also has a few things up his sleeves for your younger guests (a few seasons on luxury resorts abroad gave him ample experience here!).

Mixing and mingling during a reception or performing at tables during a meal, Lee’s close-up magic is the perfect way to get people talking and ensure that people are kept smiling and enjoying themselves throughout the proceedings.

Undoubtedly his favourite type of event to be at, Lee has a wealth of experiencing performing at weddings. He particularly enjoys being part of something so special and making it a truly magical experience. As such, special rates are available for this type of event…so please call to ensure your day really is as wonderful as it’s meant to be!